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Hello, I'm Meg!

I'm a professional hairstylist who niched down to focus on curly hair styling, marketing and running a business and
my guidance counselor said I was too smart to be a hairdresser
  • Who tried to stop you from living your dreams and thought getting your cosmetology license was a waste of your future? 

  • What kept you going and are you happy with where you are now?

  • Is having your own salon meant for you and are you stoked, but know that it comes with consistent effort, learning, and your energies are sensitive to possible burn out if you don't take care of yourself?

  • Are you looking for more information of how to run your small business with healthy beauty boundaries? Because boundaries are important right?


Just like you I'm a kinetic learner and I know that it can be difficult and overwhelming to run a business when also being a service provider, healer and have a your own life. But you were made for it!


Online Classes For Beauty Professionals 

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