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We say our curly hair experience is a 50/50 relationship with our guests. We need our guests to follow hair prep guidelines and read our policies. Upon scheduling your appointment online you do agree to these terms. This provides a mutual agreement and understanding. Thank you and we cannot wait to see you gorgeous!

How far in-between cuts should I wait before booking my returning service? 

I don’t want my picture taken, is that a requirement for you to continue working with my hair?

Terms & Conditions
Established January 2022

Hair Prep Guidelines:

Follow these steps below as your first assignment and do your best and we will help you from there.

How To Arrive with your Hair to your Appointment: Whichever products you are currently using at the moment, we ask you shampoo, condition, detangle and style your curls to the best of your ability within a 48 hour window of your appointment’s start time. Your hair must be 100% dry (diffused, or air dried) upon arrival and worn down.

Avoid: the use of ponytails, buns, twist outs or any sort of tension to the curl pattern.

If these guidelines are not followed, there will be an extra fee of $35-$55.


Upon scheduling, once your request is accepted you receive automated e-mails one week prior confirming, and 3 days prior to remind.

Cancel before 48 hours: Upon scheduling your online appointment, your deposit is the exact value of service. If you need to cancel simply do so online through square. A refund is credited back to your account with a 3.5% service fee withheld. 

Cancel after 48 hours: Email explaining the reason of your canceling. A refund is not offered if canceled after 48 hours.

Missed Your Appointment? If you do not arrive to your appointment without notifying us of why you will be marked a No-Show which means your deposit is 100% non-refundable and in order to reschedule you will need to e-mail us and someone will respond within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday.


 It's suggested you arrive 5-10 minutes earlier for your appointment.

Grace Period to Running Late: If you know you are running behind or stuck in traffic please call our salon directly 813-832-3322 and leave a detailed message. All clients are offered a courtesy 10 minutes. 

Over-Grace Period: If it is over 10 minutes, there will be a extension service fee of $45 to make up for the time. If any later than the grace period there is a probability the service will be cancelled and non-refundable.

Service Guarantee:

All services are final sale. 

Service Guarantee: 

  1. If the haircut was technically executed and your standards were met, however you would like to change length, shape or style please email us directly and one of our management members will be in touch of what service will be provided for you. 

  2. If you are unhappy with your service and feel it needs an adjustment, we require you get in touch with us via email no more than 72 hours post service. It is crucial to reach back out as we want to fix anything that was not part of the mutual vision to make it technically sound and satisfactory to our client's needs. 

Retail: Products that are un-used and un-opened can be returned within 14 days of purchase.

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Hair Prep Anchor

Frequently Asked Questions

It's my first time with a curl specialist, do I have to arrive with my hair down if I don't know how to style it curly?

As a new guest we completely understand how it may not be a choice for you to style your natural curls. Come in as best as you can and we've got you covered for the rest.

What are the steps for preparing your hair, before making an appointment?

I purchased products from your affiliate links, can I return them to your salon in exchange for something else?

Thank you for using our links. They help with shipments and offer you the best quality products directly from the company themselves. Any issue you may have, their customer service can help you and their contact is located in your order confirmation email.

Those steps are wash, condition and style your hair to the best of your ability, leaving your hair to air dry or diffuse no more than two days prior to your appointment. Hair down arriving to your appointment. If this is not easy please do the very best you can for your first visit with us.

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