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Welcome To the Curl

Hey, hey Curlfriend! Welcome to the lay of the land. This page is a great reference point to many asked questions. We want to make sure your visit to us is easy peasy and this way we can establish a foundation of how to locate us, how you should arrive to your appointment each and every time, and some other fun facts for your experience to be seamless and organized.

A note from the Founder of Curly Hair Alchemist

I want to thank you for choosing to work with me, it is truly my pleasure to share my passion and professional knowledge with you. I can’t wait to take care of you and those curls!
xx Meg Conkling
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Traveling To Us

Britton Plaza 3810 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 

We are located in the Britton Plaza to the far back left side corner called MY SALON SUITES




However, please be mindful if your maps app is trying to bring you to K Gas Station (not in the Britton Plaza) or Pet Smart (in the Britton Plaza but we aren’t Groomers) make sure you are looking for the salon beforehand. 


Once you arrive, ring our Suite bell #301 to notify us you have arrived. Once we know you are there, have a seat and we’ll come out to take you inside the facility. 

Take a moment to review our Cancellation and Running Late Policies. Knowing our guidelines helps prepare you for the best experience. 

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Prep For the Cut

Your Curl Cut is Done Different

Getting your curls cut dry means your curls are visible and dry.

All guests are required to shampoo, condition and style with one styler the day before or the morning before your starting appointment time. Leave room to air dry or diffuse to arrive with your hair 100% dry. 


Non-Prep Acception

Unless you are wildly uncomfortable with your hair down due to hair loss, hair trauma or your hair in an insufferable state from chemical or heat damage,  we offer a courtesy for you to arrive with your hair still clean and detangled in a bun or pony tail is accepted. 


No Guests Request

Just Us

Unless you are a minor or need an English speaking translator, we ask you to avoid bringing your friends or family with you.


Our salon suite is very small and we appreciate the one-to-one interaction.


We are a unique boutique for this reason and thank you for your cooperation.

You Are All Set!

Now that we are all set, if you have any questions, here's how to reach us. 

If you have any other questions don’t be shy and tap the Contact Us tab.


Someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

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