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Dry Cut & Styling

Do not forget how important it is to schedule time for YOU, the rest of the world can be placed on hold while you and your curls get revitalized. Enjoy your returning cut and style session where we continue on your journey to healthy hair. 


-Consultation -Before & After Photos -Dry Curl Cut-Detox System -Spa Mist Hydration-Styling Session-Diffusing

Haircut/Wash/Style (TD)

-Consultation -Before & After Photos -Dry Curl Cut-Detox System -Spa Mist Hydration-Styling Session-Diffusing-Service requires extra time to accommodate thick densities and/or extra long lengths

Shape & Style

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in-between cuts should I wait before booking my returning service? 

Typically guests come in seasonally due to how heavy their layers feel, or every six months is another popular amount of time as my guests say their shape lasts really well and they love the products for the two seasons. 

I don’t want my picture taken, is that a requirement for you to continue working with my hair?

Not a requirement at all. I work within the framework my guests are comfortable with and if you say, “no photos” I put my camera away and respect your wishes. 

My hair isn’t really thick but it’s really long and I need a haircut and wash, which service do I book?

If your hair is very long around your bra strap and the hair goal is to keep it as long as possible, please book the haircut/style TD service this grants me more time for detangling and styling. 

I am returning for my second visit, about how long should I expect to be at the salon this way I can plan my day accordingly?

All salon services show their durations. To read more click below.

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