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Nurture the Nature
Curly Hair Science & Art

Are you a licensed cosmetologist looking to enhance your expertise in the science and art of curly hair education?

While collaborating with well-known brands to be featured in their Directory is a wise move, working with independent indie artists truly reflects your passion and dedication.

Curl Alchemy Method

Grow behind the chair with Curls

Our Specialties

"At first I couldn't possibly understand how this haircut technique could work for everyone. But it has LITERALLY worked on everyone!"

Serene Owner of @wildrosestudioma

"Your legacy is every life you touch"Maya Angelou

Building a strong connection with your curly hair clientele is the foundation of trust.


To showcase your exceptional haircutting skills, it's essential for them to know that you are fully invested in this industry.

"I went into this look and learn class with an open mind. What I gained was a wealth of knowledgeable tools to use btc."

Tina Owner of @secondlifesalon

Introducing the Curl Alchemy Methodology

To become a legendary Curl Expert, licensed professionals don't require fancy tools or techniques. Instead, what they truly need is an open mind, an open heart, and a deep passion to stay dedicated to their specialty: curly hair.


Our Specialties

The Vibe

Curl Alchemy
Cut/Style Demo

  • Hair theory

  • 2 Live Model Cut Demos

  • 1 Live Model Styling Demo

  • Demo cutting for wavy, curly, and coil textures on long-short lengths

  • Demo styling for wavy, curly, and coil textures on long-short lengths

Are You Ready?
Join our new class designed specifically for licensed cosmetologists like you, where we aim to make you feel acknowledged and valued.
Click below to discover our transformative classes and take your skills to the next level!


Curl Alchemy FAQ

What kind of haircut will I learn?

This is a 5 section haircut that will transfer a rounded layer shape while preserving the length the client desires.

Does this technique work on every curl type? Including tight kinky curls?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is we understand that this is an important factor. This is a salon tested and proved technique executed in our own salon facility here in South Tampa. The photos you see throughout our stylist site are before and afters of  this cutting technique. In class we discuss how to tailor this technique and customize it for your client’s needs.

Will there be a live model?

We only demonstrate on live models. We will go through a live 


Curly Hair Fundamentals

5 Section Dry Cut

Wash/Condition and our famous One Product Styling Technique & Diffusing Tips

Can I attend if I am in Beauty School and haven’t yet taken the state board?

We are welcoming Beauty students. We do send a form to all of our Licensed and Stylists in the Making to learn more about your graduate date and what you plan to do with your future in this ever growing industry. I want only the best success for you!

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