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Hello and welcome to a place to learn the transformational impact you will have with curly hair clients. I'm Meg, a passionate educator originally from New York. I have had the privilege of traveling across the United States, serving the Beauty Industry and empowering licensed professionals to become skilled curl artists. 


As someone who is both bi-racial and has curly hair, I can personally relate to the importance of feeling understood and acknowledged. With my vast experience, I have crafted a distinctive approach that not only saves time and promotes organization but also enhances your consultations, positioning you as the most sought-after specialist in your field while also establishing you as a trusted and effective professional.


With a solid foundation of training at the renowned Devachan Salon in 2009 and numerous certifications in various methodologies, I have honed my skills and developed my own unique fusion of curly hair consulting, dry-cutting, and styling specifically tailored for the low-maintenance market.


What makes me truly unique is my approach that is not tied to any specific brand, enabling me to deliver genuine and tangible outcomes that will enhance your experience and make you stand out among others. My revolutionary 5-section haircut has significantly improved the financial performance of professionals. By enrolling in my class, you can have confidence that you will receive top-quality education from an experienced stylist who is committed to helping you excel in your curl craft and business.

When I'm not busy helping professionals enhance their skills, you can often find me immersed in the enchanting world of Renaissance Faires, hand-crafting whimsical outfits that transport me to another time. I've always had a deep appreciation for theater and the ethereal atmosphere of the circus community. It's important for me to have a creative outlet outside of my career, as it allows me to stay true to myself as an artist. And don't worry, I'll be bringing my theatrical sense of humor to our class together, making it a fun and memorable experience for all!

Now that you've gotten to know me a little bit, I'd love to take the time to introduce you to our

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